Talking Points: Clinton-Gore Revisited

As we predicted, articles about Bill Clinton are beginning to saturate the marketplace. That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

Most of us who analyze the news miss Mr. Clinton. He was a unique political animal and we had plenty to talk about, as you know. Mr. Bush is the exact opposite. He is cautious and controlled and nothing can happen at any moment.

The latest on Mr. Clinton is that he and Al Gore don't like each other and that he pardoned Marc Rich as a personal favor to Denise Rich. He also did not pardon his old pal Webb Hubbell be Hubbell has been thoroughly discredited and is of no use to Mr. Clinton, although a friend of the former president says he regrets now not pardoning Hubbell. A lot of good that does old Webb.

Anyway, Bill Clinton is vacuuming up the money, giving speeches overseas, where some corporations that benefited from his presidency are paying him enormous money. For two speeches in China, Mr. Clinton received about $300,000. A short speech in Norway brought him $150,000, the same amount he got in Ireland for a dog and pony show there. He then crossed the Irish Sea and plunked himself down on the Welsh border, another 150 grand.

Now, other presidents have also made a bundle speaking, but they were kind of discreet about it. Mr. Clinton is riding around on corporate jets living large and having a great time. Meantime, Al Gore continues to be almost invisible and an article in Vanity Fair magazine says he really dislikes Mr. Clinton and would not even return a call Clinton made to him on his birthday. Mr. Clinton's spokesperson confirms that.

Talking Points would be fascinated to know just why Mr. Gore doesn't like his former boss and if Hillary has anything to do with it, as has been rumored. Some Americans believe there is no merit in continuing to report on Bill Clinton and Al Gore, but I disagree. Their administration has brought us two enormous failures — energy and education. The elite media has ignored that but The Factor has not. We are all suffering today because most poor kids can't read and because we are all so dependent on foreign oil and don't have enough power delivery systems in the USA.

Clinton-Gore had eight years to improve those situations. They failed dismally and the country needs to find out why.

And that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

If anything, and I mean anything, happens in New York City, the traffic gets backed up to Cleveland. So when a 23-year-old construction worker climbed to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge and hung around up there, not really to the top, but he was way up there, there was chaos and a gnashing of many a motorist's teeth. The guy stayed on the bridge for a few hours and then came down while the TV helicopters hovered around.

Whole thing was ridiculous. Police have not yet said if he'd be charged. He'd better be.

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