Taliban Threatens to Attack Washington

A quick trip around Hannity's America...

New Terror Threat

We are learning about a frightening warning from the leader of the Pakistani Taliban. Baitullah Mehsud, who has claimed responsibility for the deadly siege at Pakistan's police academy this past weekend, now says the group is setting its sights on a new target: Washington, D.C.

In a phone call with the Associated Press, Mehsud said, "Soon we will launch an attack in Washington that will amaze everyone in the world."

Mehsud is believed to be the mastermind behind the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and the United States is currently offering a $5 million reward for information leading to his capture.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke on the subjects of Afghanistan and Pakistan Tuesday at a conference of world leaders and voiced her support for a program that would allow former Taliban and Al Qaeda members to be offered "an honorable form of reconciliation and reintegration into a peaceful society, if they are willing to abandon violence."

Madam Secretary, just make sure this guy isn't on your list of former terrorists that you plan to make peace with.

Frank Speaks Frankly

Tuesday, Barney Frank delivered a keynote address before his fan base, the American Bankers Association. At this junction in American history, he gave them a much-needed refresher on basic economics, and for that, he is the recipient of our Liberal Translation treatment:


BARNEY FRANK, D-MASS., HOUSE FINANCIAL SERVICES CMTE. CHMN.: We are a free enterprise society and we have benefited enormously from that.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: But times they are a-changin'!

FRANK: The private sector is what creates the wealth.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Barack gets so confused when I say that!

FRANK: The financial sector has a respectable role to play in that — namely, people really need to remember the basics.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Basic No. 1: CEO Barack Obama shall hire and fire as he sees fit.

FRANK: We have in this country, fortunately, a private sector that's innovative and dynamic.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Innovative and dynamic... two things I've never been called.


I can tell those free market principles you're championing have really taking root in this administration, Barney! Keep up the good work! And see you soon on Liberal Translation.

Radical Chic

In The FOX Nation, you may have imagined that President Obama would nominate radically liberal judges to the bench and select far-left lawyers to serve in his administration. But his choice for State Department legal adviser is radical even by those standards.

Harold Koh, who served until recently as the dean of Yale Law School, was nominated by the president last week to fill the State Department's top legal position. Meghan Clyne, writing in the New York Post, reports that Koh has said some colorful things, such as, "I'd rather have [former Supreme Court Justice Harry] Blackmun, who uses the wrong reasoning in Roe v. Wade to get the right results, and let other people figure out the right reasoning."

In 2004, Mr. Koh took the liberty of listing countries that violate international law: "Most prominently, North Korea, Iraq, and our own country, the United States of America," which he called "the axis of disobedience."

Mr. President, these sorts of views might fly at Yale Law School, but they should not stand in our own government.

You can learn more about this story at TheFOXNation.com.

Together Again

Several members of the cast of NBC's hit television show "The West Wing" have reunited for a third term. Well, at least for one day.

Martin Sheen, who played President Jed Bartlet on the award-winning series, and co-stars Bradley Whitford and Richard Schiff were in Washington Tuesday to lobby for the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. This is the controversial act that includes a card check provision that would do away with secret ballots when employees are deciding whether or not to unionize.

Mr. Sheen and his former TV advisers appeared with advocates of the legislation in Senator Ted Kennedy's office and expressed surprise at the strong opposition that this bill has faced in Congress:


MARTIN SHEEN, ACTOR: You know, it's always interesting to me that most of the people that are anti-union have never belonged to one, and most of the people who will vote on this measure have never belonged to a union.


Mr. Sheen would know, he is a member of a union, and some say he's being a hypocrite on this matter as his own actor's union uses secret ballots to elect its leadership.

Another great example of the "Do as I say, not as I do" culture of Hollywood. Mr. Sheen should go back to pretending to be a Washington lawmaker, not actually trying to be one.

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