Take Me, or Leave Me!

Still on the subject of humorless people, I want to move onto angry people.

People like “Tom.” I'll leave out his last name. But he writes to me a lot.

His latest missive ends with this dire warning:

"I will be happy for the day when your bosses wise up and fire you, Cavuto... because I can't stomach you. When you're on, I'm off."

Yet this much I know about “Tom.” He says he's off, but he stays on... long enough to catch and criticize other interviews and segments on my show.

So now, my offer to “Tom” and to anyone else complaining about the show: If you don't like my show, you can always leave my show.

If you don't like my rants against those who like taxes, listen to those who do like taxes.

If you think I interrupt guests who don't get to the point, then get to your remote and interrupt me.

If you say there are better shows to turn on, then please, be my guest and turn me off.

If you say I'm always incorrect, then click to those who are more politically correct.

If you say Fox is the most slanted channel on the dial, please click past us on the dial.

If you say we're in your face, then get out of our face.

If you say we don't care about news, then frankly I don't care about you.

You're always free to wander. And I'm just as free to say, there's the door.

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