Take A Bite Out of Stress!

Stressed out? Bite into these tasty and quick snacks. iMag spoke to Joel Marion, Embassy Suites Hotels' BusinessBalance.com expert to find out what snacks to have on hand for tough work days.

Joel Marion CISSN, NSCA-CPT, and 2001 Body-for-Life Grand Champion is the author of over one hundred fitness and nutrition articles for popular health and fitness magazines, both in print and on the Web. He serves as a member of the Men’s Fitness Training Advisory Team and has appeared on CBS, NBC, Sirius Satellite Radio, and numerous other media outlets across the country to talk about his breakthrough weight-loss program, The Cheat to Lose Diet, published by Random House. In addition to his writing, Joel is a highly sought after lecturer and a consultant to a wide variety of clients including doctors, lawyers, business professionals, athletes, and models as well as the average Joe and Jane looking to improve his or her appearance. To learn more about Joel and his book The Cheat to Lose Diet visit CheatToLoseDiet.com.

About BusinessBalance.com: BusinessBalance.com, developed by Embassy Suites Hotels, is a recently launched website offering practical advice for putting business travelers’ needs first, even on hectic work days. Embassy Suites knows that business travel can take a toll on one’s well-being and the expert counsel found on BusinessBalance.com provides techniques and tips to help visitors find and maintain their own balance– both on and off the road.

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