Tainted Food: Class Action Lawsuit

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday!

We're so glad you joined us today for "FOX & Friends" to witness yet another round of bets between the 2 boys! This time — I know it's a shocker — but Brian actually went 2-for-2 against Steve. We got into a discussion about where people would want their ashes scattered after they die because of the outrageous story this morning that rocker Keith Richards actually snorted his father's ashes along with cocaine. Doocy said his wife wanted to be scattered at Nordstrom. Brian bet him $100 she never said that and, after a phone call home, it turns out it was Neiman Marcus. Brian is $100 bucks richer.

We talked to a pet owner who lost her cat to the Menu Foods tainted food and her lawyer who is now filing a class action lawsuit. If you want more information about that suit, you can call Newman, Creed and Associates at 1-888-300-4469.

Finally, Charlie Daniels was on the show and performed "Long-Haired Country Boy." He has a new book out: "Growing Up Country." It's a wonderful compilation of essays by famous country stars; from Dolly Parton to Carrie Underwood. Check it out!

Have a great day and we hope to see you again tomorrow on "FOX & Friends."


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