Syria Situation: Time to Get Serious, or not Syria-ous Problem?

Syria (search) maintained a strict silence Tuesday about a U.S. attack on an Iraqi convoy on its border that left Syrian guards wounded and in American hands. State-run media did not mention the clash even after news of it broke throughout the world.

The media silence suggested Syria's authoritarian government was still deciding how to respond at a time when Damascus has been trying to avoid a confrontation that could further strain relations with Washington.

Syrian officials, when asked about the clash, refused to comment.

Since the attack a week ago, newspapers and television and radio stations have not reported on it — not even after U.S. officials made public Monday that Syrian border guards were mixed up in the clash.

Syria situation: Time to get serious, or not Syria-ous problem?

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I think its time to get serious with Syria, And if they resist in any way bomb the hell out of them!
Ross C.
Aberdeen, Scotland

I believe we must be firm in our resolve to reign in ALL PEOPLE AND COUNTRIES that either overtly or covertly support terrorism.  I think the bigger question however (this is for Doocy to solve being the sleuth detective he is) is what type of super hair gel is used on the Big Story Guys?  Has anyone noticed the similar hair styles of the Judge and Gibson and was that intentional?
Laura C.
Califon, NJ

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