Syria Is Finally Waking Up and Smelling the Coffee

I want to remind you that we recently had former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger on the program and he has been recommending heavy pressure on Syria to get them to stop acting as the Cambodia of the Iraq war — the place insurgents can hide without fear of being attacked by us or hassled by the local government.

Mr. Eagleburger has even recommended a well-placed bomb or two dropped from a passing F-16.

That hasn't happened but what has happened is a series of cross-border firefights between Syrian border guards and U.S. troops chasing insurgents.

There is also a big report coming to the U.N. Security Council Friday on Syria's bad behavior. It's evidently so damning it may even force the Security Council to take some action, if you can imagine that.

And then the big news Wednesday that Syria made a big financier of the Iraqi insurgency leave the country. That fellow, it turns out, is a nephew of Saddam Hussein and he had to go back to Iraq, where he was promptly arrested.

This is good. We know billions of Saddam's Oil-for-Food (search) dollars went to Syria and have been dribbling back into Iraq in the pockets of guys sent to kill Americans. So locking up the guy with the blood money is a good thing.

But it's also a good thing that Syria is waking up to smell the coffee.

We don't have to take that stuff from Syria. We just don't have to. Bashir Assad (search) can wail about being a sovereign nation, yada, yada, yada. But the fact is he has been acting as a safe harbor for a whole bunch of guys out to kill us and we actually don't have to take it. Our ground troops may be busy in Iraq but our Air Force has some time on its hands and our Navy — with those nice, shiny new cruise missiles. They could be available too.

Glad to hear Mr. Assad has snapped to attention. I hear there are a lot of nice Syrian people and we wouldn't want to see any of them getting hurt by accident.

That's My Word.

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