Sylvester Stallone, 'Arrested Development' and '24'

Sly's not happy about a 'Rocky' musical, '24' and other Fox TV shows get the shuffle.

He may be busy suing over a Rocky musical, but it hasn't stopped Sylvester Stallone (search) from launching a line of nutrition products that will hit health food stores next month. The new products include a low-carbohydrate pudding and energy-enhancing capsules. Are a dozen raw eggs optional?

The Best news from Fox about the new fall season? The critically-acclaimed but ratings-challenged comedy "Arrested Development" (search) has been renewed. It deserves a bigger audience. Foxlight suggestion? Put some "American Idol" contestants on as guest stars. I know it's shameless but anything that brings eyeballs to this hilarious show is worth a try.

In other good news, "24" is moving to Monday nights. Now there's finally a good show on Mondays.

Oh and here's a stunner. The studfest "The O.C." is coming back for more brooding. Will someone please forcefeed Mischa Barton a sandwich?

Finally, I'm glad James Spader is coming back in a new version of "The Practice." He was the best thing about last season. Second best thing, actually, if you count William Shatner as Denny Crane. But can that Crane joke wear out faster than William Hung? And doesn't the new law firm and series — called "Fleet Street" — look like just an updated version of "L.A. Law?"

I'm pulling for the new series. It looks a lot more promising than Camryn Manheim in a sitcom.