Swiss Police Accuse Woman of Stealing Christmas Reindeer, Snowmen Decorations

It wasn't global warming or political correctness that chased away reindeer and snowmen in one Swiss village.

Police in Birr identified the alleged culprit on Thursday as a 49-year-old woman who stole Christmas decorations from gardens in her picturesque Swiss town and packed them into bags.

Passers-by caught the woman in the act on Wednesday and stopped her until police could arrive, according to authorities in the canton (state) of Aargau.

Police visited the woman's house and found a "significant" stash of Christmas ornaments, including illuminated reindeers, plastic snowmen and miniature figurines.

The woman, who is accused of committing a number of heists throughout the region, was not identified because of Swiss privacy laws. She is being detained by police as part of an investigation.

Police said there have been nine reported thefts of Christmas decorations in Birr and neighboring villages over the past few days. Some $1,734 worth of goods were reported stolen.