Suspect Intoxicates Arresting Officers

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Two Houston cops seem to have gone gaga over an attractive drunk-driving suspect.

Patrolman Christopher Green stands accused of downloading nude photos of the woman and showing them off in the county courthouse.

His partner, Patrolman George Miller, allegedly called the woman to ask her out on a date, reports the Houston Chronicle.

The 25-year-old woman, a student from China who speaks little English, was pulled over Nov. 24.

Assisting in her arrest were Miller and Green, who found the nude pictures on her cell phone.

According to the Harris County District Attorney's Office (search), Green copied the photos to his personal digital assistant — a Palm Pilot (search) or similar device.

Two weeks later, the woman's lawyer says, she got a call from Miller inviting her to join him at a restaurant.

Miller told investigators he only wanted to help her hire a defense attorney.

An assistant district attorney and a bailiff each say Green showed them the nude photos when he came to the woman's court hearing in early January.

The would-be Starsky and Hutch have both been reassigned.

Police union lawyer Aaron Suder, who's representing both officers during the internal investigation, doubts either will face criminal charges.

"I suspect the department will do something in the next couple of months," he said.

Major League Ballgame Shut Down by Bees

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — A swarm of bees invaded Tucson Electric Park (search) field on Thursday and forced a game between the Colorado Rockies (search) and Arizona Diamondbacks (search) to be called after five innings.

The bees literally chased Rockies pitcher Darren Oliver from the mound. He kept trying to go back, but the bees would go after him again. Finally, he let another pitcher complete the inning.

"I love this game," Oliver said, "but I like myself a little bit more."

Oliver said the bees apparently were attracted to the coconut oil in his hair gel.

"I guess I must have smelled good. It was kind of funny at first, but after a while I started getting a little nervous and scared out there," he said.

The Diamondbacks took the field in the sixth, but by then the bees had spread over the entire field. Shortstop Sergio Santos, who had just entered the game, was chased all the way into deep center field.

"There were like little packs moving around," said Arizona's Luis Gonzalez, who was on third after a triple when the bee-delay occurred. "They were all over the pitcher, and Santos when he went out. I think it was either their cologne or deodorant or something."

General manager Joe Garagiola Jr. briefly conferred with the home plate umpire, and then the game was called.

"It got to be a safety issue," Garagiola Jr. said. "The bees were all over the field. They were on the mound, they were in the outfield, they were out at shortstop, and we just couldn't continue play."

There were no reports of players or anyone in the crowd of 8,029 being stung.

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Money-Changing Machine Pays Out Jackpot

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (AP) — Customers who used the bill changing machine at Bluffs Run Casino (search) found they had bigger payoffs than any gambling device in the place.

That's because the machine was spitting out hundreds instead of twenties.

"It went on for about six hours," said the casino's finance director, Janae Sternberg. When the machine was shut down, it turned up $46,640 short.

State records say casino employee Judith Roederer-Dillard — who has since been fired — mistakenly placed the $100 bills in the machine about 5 a.m. Dec. 18.

"You know, some of the guests had figured out that there was a malfunction and they went back — over and over and over," Sternberg testified at Roederer-Dillard's unemployment-benefits hearing.

Casino spokeswoman Christie Scott said Thursday that the casino reviewed surveillance tapes to try to recover some of the money but had little luck.

Administrative law judge Teresa K. Hillary awarded Roederer-Dillard full unemployment benefits, saying there was no evidence of deliberate misconduct.

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Robbery Suspect Beaten Back With Bananas

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Crystal Senger stopped at a convenience store early Tuesday morning and saw the clerk being choked in a robbery attempt.

She ran to call for help. Then she started throwing bananas.

"I was seven-for-seven," Senger said Thursday. "They were green bananas — not the ripe mushy ones — so they hurt."

Senger, 19, said she grew up playing baseball, and beaned the suspect in the head with every time.

A 17-year-old man, described as more than 6 feet tall and about 300 pounds, fled the store and was arrested after a short foot chase, police said.

"He threw me around like I was nothing," said store clerk Ed Bingham, "and I weigh 220 pounds." Bingham said the suspect kicked and punched him for what "felt like forever."

"When I walked in the store, I saw Ed in a choke hold, yelling for help and gasping for air," Senger said. "There was blood everywhere."

Senger said the basket of bananas was the closest thing she could find.

"If there would have been cans of soup on the counter, I would have thrown those at him," she said.

Corrupt Cop Tries to Eat Evidence

IMPERIAL, Pa. (AP) — A former police chief accused of stealing tried to eat a piece of evidence — a receipt — in court, authorities said.

Darryl Briston scuffled with a state trooper during a preliminary hearing Thursday when he tried to stop Briston from eating the receipt, police said.

Briston hed been working off-duty as a bar security guard in Oct. 2003 when the tavern's owner tried to get Briston's attention by tapping on his cruiser's windshield with a beer cooler gasket.

The chief accused him of damaging the windshield.

Briston eventually collected $1,334 from the bar owner to fix the car, but the repair work was never done, police said. Briston cashed the check and never put the money in the borough's general fund, police said.

Briston has denied the theft allegations, and said he didn't try to eat the receipt. He told KDKA-TV after posting bond Friday that the trooper was trying to take his evidence.

Briston, 41, of Penn Hills, was fired last year as police chief in Rankin when he was convicted for stealing $5,885 in cash seized as evidence by police and falsifying receipts to cover it up. Briston was sentenced in January to more than three years in prison in that case.

Upright Citizen Digs Cash Out of Snowbank

CROYDON, N.H. (AP) — Ken Blanchard says the only thing of value he'd ever found on the ground was maybe a penny.

Until Wednesday, that is, when he found a notebook containing thousands of dollars frozen in a snowbank near his home.

Blanchard is one half of the story. The other is Ken Dandeneau. He's the fellow who lost the money.

Dandeneau had withdrawn it in January for a new house. It was in a notebook that his wife put on top of their car, thinking he'd grab it before they left. He didn't, and it slid off.

They went back later, but couldn't find it. Posters and a reward didn't work either.

Enter Blanchard, who dug the notebook out of the snowbank this week, ran it under warm water and found the money inside. He went to the police and they called Dandeneau.

Compiled by FOX News' Paul Wagenseil.

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