Suspect in Disappearance of Nevada Woman May Live Close By

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Police searching for missing 19-year-old Brianna Denison believe the suspect that snatched her from a friend's house 10 days ago lives in the area, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported.

They are also asking the public to be aware of anyone who has recently changed their appearance, shaved facial hair, sold a truck or suddenly moved, the newspaper reported.

"It's not unlikely this suspect moved and is targeting a new area or city," Lt. Robert McDonald told the paper. "We just want to stress to people any changes in behavior."

Denison was sleeping on a friend's couch after a night of partying when she disappeared. When her friends woke up the next morning, they realized she was gone. No one has heard from her since.

A positive DNA link has been established between her abduction and a December sexual assault of another student who lived a few blocks away. Investigators think the same unidentified white male in his 30s is responsible for both.

The suspect is described by police as a white man, 28- to 40-years old; he has a long face with a square chin, facial hair about a quarter to a half an inch long below his chin that is soft and not prickly like stubble. His hair is described as brown and he has a shaved pubic area.

The man is believed to be taller than 5-foot-6 with a firm stomach with an "innie" belly button, police said, adding he was strong but not overly muscular.

Police are looking for a pickup truck that would require someone to take a large step up to get inside, the newspaper reported.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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