Surgeons Report Spike in 'Man Boob' Operations

The number of men having plastic surgery to get rid of their man boobs has almost doubled in a year in the U.K.

Cosmetic surgeons said Sunday the "anti-moob" operation saw the biggest increase in 2009.

It means the cosmetic procedure is now the third most popular for men — behind nose jobs and eyelid surgery.

City bankers and lawyers fearful for their jobs if they look over the hill helped fuel a 21 percent boom in surgeries for men.

"We recorded a dramatic rise in a number of male surgical procedures," said Surgeons' spokesman Rajiv Grover.

There were 36,482 cosmetic surgeries for both sexes last year — up 6.7 percent. Women had 90 percent of procedures, with boob jobs being the most popular.

The figures were revealed by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.