Super Tuesday: No More Sitting on the Fence

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It's one of those moments where I can't quite say anything without having to say everything.

It's the night before the big election, of course, and I'm not in the endorsement business. So if I were to say, for instance, that the video made by of the Black Eyed Peas about an Obama speech with a huge cast of pop culture characters actually singing Obama's words, if I were to say it's pretty darn cool and never mind who I support then I'd also have to somehow show some pictures of Hilllary doing something pretty darn cool.

She did shed a tear Monday and I guess I would just show that picture again and make no comment about whether I thought it was real or not.

And that would lead me to have to show you some pictures of John McCain, who I like a lot. I like his attitude and his biography and his feistiness... lots of stuff.

But I'd also have to show some pictures of Mitt Romney, who I've met a couple times and who I like personally and who I've found completely unobjectionable. We'll see how he does, though polls right now say he’s behind McCain.

And that brings up Huckabee. He's still in it. He's obviously having an effect against one candidate and in favor of another. I'm not a fan of spoilers, but Huck has enough of a following it might not be fair to call him a spoiler.

So there you have it.

Because I liked a video somebody made of Obama, I had to run some video of everybody and give them all a fair share of the time here.

I've done the reporting. Tomorrow, you decide and then I'll report again.

Good luck tomorrow, you voters. As of tomorrow, no more sitting on the fence, no more equal time, no more equivocating — just decide already.

That's My Word.

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