Sudden Change of Plans

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Dear Viewers,

Last night the show went off without an apparent hitch. But, while preparing for the show, we were also immersed in discussion about tonight's show. And, while we had planned to be in Redwood City all week, we have suddenly changed plans. By the time you read this, I will be back on a plane headed to Washington, DC. The plan is to stay in DC for a few days and then back to Redwood City as we near deliberations and a verdict. Of course, as you may know, in the cable news business, that plan could change. Tonight's show wil be out our DC studio.
Since I have to get ready to leave for DC (a 4:45am wake up call), the blog is short. Instead of a long blog, I have grabbed a bunch of e mails from viewers for you to read. As always, the e mails are randomly grabbed:

E-mail # 1

Dear Greta:
While I applaud your efforts to be fair to both the Rocha and Peterson families when reporting
on the impact of this terrible tragedy there is something I cannot forget. That is the pain the Peterson family caused the Rocha family by preventing them from entering the home that Laci and Scott owned jointly. Sharon Rocha was denied by the Petersons the simple comfort of feeling her daughters presence and acquiring her wedding gown, diplomas and rocking chair! To add insult to injury the Petersons threatened Sharon Rocha with crimminal charges
and had an attorney appear at the home to face the media on their behalf.
As you are aware, your program covered this most unfortunate event in great detail. You yourself even commented that you hoped the families would work this situation out without
the intervention of legal authorities.
History cannot be changed, let's not forget the actions of the Peterson family and the simple
comfort THEY denied a grieving mother. The Petersons will be able to visit their son and speak to him regardless of the outcome of the penalty ,that is so.......much more then Sharon Rocha will ever have !!!!!
Where is Jeff Feiger? Your viewers want to hear from him now!
Thanks from a loyal viewer in New Jersey

E-mail # 2

Dear Greta: If Scott Peterson is indeed the murderer or Laci Denise Peterson & her unborn son, he has contributed to the moral debasing of America. This crime hurts all of us.
Arlene B. Jermakian-Heed

E-mail # 3

Hi Greta,
I thought Gloria Allred made an interesting observation about the Jackie Peterson's reaction (or lack thereof) to Sharon Rocha's moving victim impact statement. No one can judge Jackie & Lee for whatever they were feeling or thinking at the time, but wasn't their response consistent w/Scott's lack of affect? It seemed to explain something - somehow.
Carlsbad CA

E-mail # 4

It's beyond belief that you show so much sympathy for Ma and Pa Peterson. After all, Scott is their Devil spawn; it does not seem that they taught him anything other than "I want those," which was Jackie's comment about wanting Laci's jewels from Laci's grandmother, and "deny, deny, deny."
Yesterday, not a tear from them while Sharon was testifying. And I guess you forgot about the high-fiving they did early in the trial when Garagross thought he was on Comedy Central insead of at a murder trial.
These people spoiled Scott rotten; they enabled him; they covered his butt all the time. The Petersons are beyond disfunctional! If they are suffering now, it's their own fault for raising such a monster.

E-mail # 5

I watched tonight's show, and was seriously disturbed by the universal assumption behind every person who commented -- that Scott Peterson is guilty. Yes, I know that, according to our legal system, he is; however, many recent overturnings of death penalties because the "guilty" party has been proved innocent (often by DNA tests!) should make us all skeptical of the legal verdict of 'guilty'.
From the day Scott Peterson was arrested I've noticed amazing similarities between the prosecution's presentation in his case and the O.J. Simpson case; to wit:
1) How horrific the crime was, and;
2) what a rotten character the defendant is.
In both cases, I would personally agree with the above propositions put forth by the prosecution. However, seriously lacking in either case was any compelling evidence that the defendant committed the crime. It is apparently adequate, in the prosecutors' view, to show how horrible the crime is, and that our suspect is a terrible person! And what the jury decides is obviously based on emotion, and how they perceive the defendant; not on any evidence presented!
I'm not sure what the answer is, or even if there is an answer -- but we obviously have a flawed judicial system, which needs some correction. Meanwhile, news broadcasts could at least appear more impartial if their commentators did not universally subscribe to the automatic assumption that, because a jury found someone guilty, he/she really did commit the crime, with no question possible!
Dave Bartholomew

E-mail # 6

Thank you Greta for trying to give a fair an balance show for the Peterson case.
Today while watching court tv w/Nancy Grace.....She kept cutting off her guests or being sarcastic
with them. I felt very sorry for them....Her guests weren't given a chance to either finish what they were saying or explain why they said something. I want to hear the opinions of others that I have not heard before.
I like your show......At least your guests have a chance to finish their sentences.....They are combative amoung themself and this gets annoying and no one learns anything from it, except to change the channel.....Thats what I did today on court tv.....I went to the food network show.
No fights there!!! ahaha.
Thank you again Greta for jumping in there to keep the show moving...I know this is part of your job and you do it very well......Wish I could say this for the other shows!!!!
I feel very sorry for the Peterson family, the Roche family. I feel some of the guests are using the good up-bringing againist the parents....There is enough heart ache to go around.
Keep up the good work Greta...We love your show...
Lady Bug

E-mail # 7

Hi Greta

I just had to let you know how much I enjoy "On The Record". I watch you
faithfully and I appreciate the coverage you give the Peterson trial. I was
watching the night Fox news announced Laci was missing. The panel you have
on is very informative, but there is one question I wish they would answer
more often. What was Scott's reaction to Laci's family, especially Sharon
Rocha, when she was saying divorce was a option? How did he act when his own
father was on the stand? I have not heard if he showed any emotion. I am
glad you told about the family, reporters and jurors. However, I am also
interested in Scott's reaction.

I hope we will still see Laura and Jim on your show when the trial is over.
I am amazed at how much they remember about the trial each day! Greta, you
are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.


E-mail # 8

I have watched the events leading up to the sentencing of S. Peterson. I have also went back over the “evidence” in the case. I am more convinced now than ever that this is a even more terrible tragedy. Because not only is Lacy Peterson dead, but an innocent man is probably going to be sentenced to death for something he didn’t do.
You may say what you want, but this jury was a circus, and is an excellent example of the justice system not working. Peterson was railroaded pure and simple by an incompetent jury, and a hanging judge. I am one who is not swayed by the rantings of the likes of Gloria Alred, who is perhaps one of the biggest jokes I have ever seen.
If anybody ever wondered how the Salem witch trials worked, they need to look at this case. I certainly wish that Peterson somehow is eventually released on appeal. While he is an adulterer and a cad. He is not a murderer. And if anyone had any sense, that would understand that a guy such as Peterson could have never pulled this off without leaving a ton of forensic evidence.
All I can say about this case, is shame, shame, shame.

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