Study: Sexist Men Earn More Than Men Who View Women as Equals

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If you are the type of man who believes a woman isn’t as equal to a man, you actually might earn more than men who do see females in an equal light, the Washington Post reported.

A study, published in the September issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology, said after analyzing interviews with nearly 8,000 people, researchers found that men with “traditional gender attitudes” earned $11,930 more than men with unrestricted attitudes.

The comparisons were based on individuals with the same levels of education. All of the subjects had the same types of jobs with the same amount of working hours.

“We actually thought maybe men with traditional attitudes work in more complex jobs that pay more or select higher-paying occupations,” the study’s co-author Beth A. Livingston told the Washington Post. “Regardless of the jobs people chose, or how long they worked at them, there was a significant effect of gender role attitudes on income.”

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