Study Is Excuse to Keep on Eating?

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, there's new outrage today over a study that says it is OK to be fat. Researchers now claiming about half of overweight adults are a whole lot healthier than we think rate. But do not reach for that barbecue or designated bakery product just yet.

Michael Karolchyk is the CEO of The Anti-Gym, joining me now.

Michael, you have got to be worried that fat people are fitter than you.

MICHAEL KAROLCHYK, OWNER, THE ANTI-GYM: You know what, Neil? I'm not. And this is just a typical case of you cannot have your case and eat it, too. And this study is a joke. It...

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CAVUTO: I hate that expression. You know, I really do...


CAVUTO: ... before, if your cake is there, you might as well eat the damn thing.

But — but I digress. Go ahead.

KAROLCHYCK: Well, you know, the whole point with this study, I think, maybe, it was the — the ladies from "The View," Rosie O'Donnell, what have you, who put this together, because it is inane.

They — what they did is, they looked at people and said that you can get more healthy — you're — you're you are in good shape even if you are obese. But what they did is, they looked at people's weight and their height. They did not examine closely people's waistlines.

And, if you look at people — and that is the key with obesity. Seventy-five percent would be considered obese in the NFL if you just looked at their height and their weight. I would be considered obese. And so would 50 percent of NBA basketball players. You have to look at your waist. And the general rule is, if you have a 40-inch waist as a guy, you better go see someone like me and drop the pizza pie.

If you have got a 25-inch...

CAVUTO: All right. But — but — but — I understand what you're saying, but there are enough fat people, enough people with big waists who are apparently doing just fine, and who are more fit than — than the — the skinny folks slapping them, right?

KAROLCHYCK: No, that is not what the study shows at all, Neil. And that is not true. This country...

CAVUTO: Do you know any healthy fat — do you know any healthy fat people?

KAROLCHYCK: No. Maybe Bigfoot. If we could find Bigfoot, maybe he's a healthy, big fat guy.

CAVUTO: See, this is bothering you. You look vulnerable right now.


CAVUTO: And you're worried. You're worried, Mr. Fitness, because, all of a sudden now, these fat people, who you have been throwing doughnuts at, or whatever you do at your gym, now it turns out that they could kick your ass.


KAROLCHYCK: That is — Neil, you know what is great, is people are looking at this study and trying to come up with silly conclusions, like yours right there. If you — the sad part is...

CAVUTO: Well, we will just see about how silly that is.

KAROLCHYCK: Well, you know...

CAVUTO: I am just saying that — now, you were saying, in prior visits with me — and I love having you on — but you have been saying, hey, fat is not where it's at. It's all that.

Now we have a study that comes along. It's still not where it's at, but it's not nearly as bad as we have been making it to be. And it's killing you, because it could kill your business.

KAROLCHYCK: It does not kill my business.

This study, again — even in their own study, they conclude, at the very end, when they looked at waist sizes, that people with small waist sizes, they do not have any health problems, while the people with the large waist sizes — and they referred to as potbellies — I call it a gut — had major health problems.

Obesity is responsible.

CAVUTO: But you will admit that a lot of thin, fit people, sadly, leave this planet early, too, right? I mean, it's not just fat people who are checking out. A lot of thin, otherwise seemingly athletic folks, are leaving the scene, too, right?

KAROLCHYCK: Neil, everybody can die. But you know what? There's very few skinny people dying of diabetes 2, heart diseases, and respiratory problems. And there's a ton of...

CAVUTO: Well, wait. No, fine. But, Michael, dead is dead, right? Once you are dead, you are dead. You can argue, well, what got you dead, but the fact of the matter is, if it is possible now that fat people, who have thought to have been shortening their lives, are turning out to live just as long, if not longer, lives, maybe your message ain't registering, right?

KAROLCHYCK: Well, you know what? Sad but true, OK? Fat people are going to try to spin this story and study the way you are. And I know you do not believe this, OK? You just want to be able to think it, so you can have another Ding Dong.

CAVUTO: I can say this because — no.


CAVUTO: I can say this because you are a remote. And I know you would try to kick my ass if you were here.


CAVUTO: But I am going to do the same to you, because you're there.

And I am just telling you, Mr. Hot Shot Fitness Buff, that I am going to outlive you. That's what I'm saying.

KAROLCHYCK: Well, you know what, Neil? If you want to outlive me, forsake the cake.

And I am telling you, all those ladies out there that want to believe this Roseanne Barr, Rosie O'Donnell gobbledygook, where you think you can be heavy and in shape, you're not. Get me one obese person, one, OK, that is in shape, and that can run...

CAVUTO: All right. All right. I will challenge you to a Nathan's hot dog eating contest...


CAVUTO: ... and you will be a memory.


CAVUTO: Michael, thank you very much. Always good seeing you.

KAROLCHYCK: Take care.

CAVUTO: All righty.


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