Study: Crying Baby 'Natural High' for Some Moms

A screaming, crying baby is not usually a source of enjoyment for new mothers, but a recent study has found that some moms actually get a “natural high” when faced with their crying infant.

On the other end, the study also found crying babies brought up feelings of “disgust” in other mothers, the Australian Associated Press reported.

The study, which looked in the cause of maternal neglect, involved 30 first-time mothers. Researchers studied their brain activity as they were shown photos of their newborns, with various facial expressions.

The researchers also looked at the factors related to the new mothers own upbringing, including how “secure” their attachment was to parents and careers.

"For mothers with a secure attachment, we found that both happy and sad infant faces produced a reward signal in their brain, or a 'natural high'," said Dr. Lane Strathearn of University of Queensland in Australia.

"However, mothers with an insecure attachment pattern didn't show the same brain response ... their own infant's crying face activated the insula, a brain region associated with unfairness, pain or disgust."

Moms found as having a secure attachment in childhood showed a greater release of the hormone oxytocin into their bloodstream, according to the report.

"This hormone is produced in the brain ... and is important for childbirth, breastfeeding and maternal care," said Strathearn.

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