Study: Aspirin Decreases Risk of Breast Cancer

It has been proven that taking aspirin can help reduce the risk of heart attacks, and a new report says it can reduce the risk of breast cancer, too, the AFP reported.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, could cut the risk of breast cancer by 20 percent, according to the report, which was done in England and published by the International Journal of Clinical Practice.

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And, such drugs also could help women who already have the disease, said Ian Fentiman of Guy’s and St. Thomas’ hospital in London, who compiled the study.

"Recent studies of NSAIDs use have shown about a 20 percent risk reduction in the incidence of breast cancer, but this benefit may be confined to aspirin use alone and not other NSAIDs," Fentiman said.

Fentiman said more research would have to be done to figure out exactly which drug works best and how it should be administered.

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