Strawberry Faces Arrest After Leaving Rehab

Strawberry, 39, disappeared after a counseling session on Thursday night, said Joe Papy, head of the Florida Department of Corrections regional office. He said authorities haven't been able to locate him.

The Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office sought the warrant Friday. Strawberry has been out of jail since November. He was fitted with an electronic monitor to alert officials if he left the treatment center.

Papy said Strawberry, who is battling cancer along with his drug addiction, had been doing well.

"All of his drug screens were clear," Papy said. "Things were going well."

The former All-Star and suspended New York Yankees outfielder has had continued legal problems while serving his sentence on a drug possession and prostitute solicitation charge. He was arrested twice last year, including an October arrest for leaving the treatment center for a drug binge.