Stopping Iran

Follow the money.

The old newshound advice is new all over again with Friday's news that the Iranians are moving their money out of European banks.

Do the Iranians hate Europeans all of a sudden?

No. They know that they're doing bad things with this nuke bomb research, and they are determined not to stop. They are certain they have already been caught, and they are even more certain that they will soon be referred to the Security Council for sanctions.

One of those sanctions will doubtless be the freezing of Iran's assets based overseas, in banks in countries that have treaties that will require them to freeze Iranian assets if the U.N. asks.

So Iranian money is going to China and, as David Asman suggested earlier on the program, into gold.

And they are going ahead with their bomb.

"So what," you say? "That nutjob in North Korea has the bomb and not much has happened."

Yes, but he only wanted to make sure we didn't invade him.

The nutjobs in Tehran have different ideas. Their bomb is a teeny bit for deterrence, but way, way more for clearing the Israelis out of the Middle East.

Iran's leader says Israel doesn't have to be where it is. If the Europeans think there should be a Jewish homeland, they can set one aside in Europe. But the land Israel currently occupies? That is Muslim land, according to the people who are now really close to having a bomb.

Then there's the deal on oil. The Saudis have been pumping the stuff to suit us since World War II. Maybe if they're threatened by an Iranian bomb on the end of a missile parked just next door they will be way less inclined to pump oil to suit the West.

Not to mention what would be the delicious prospect to the Mullahs that they might be able to get a teeny nuke into someplace in America, like Times Square or Disney World or some other good target.

So back to the top. They're moving their money. Why is that important?

Because they're really determined to get the bomb. And we just cannot let them.

That's My Word.

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