Steve Jobs Too 'In' to Be Forced Out?

If Steve Jobs weren't cool would Steve Jobs... be out of a job?

I wonder.

After all, any other CEO who's been implicated in rigging the price of stock options at his company hasn't been there long for that company. They usually get fired even, if like Steve, they haven't been directly implicated in any covert wrong-doing.

But then again, "they" aren't Steve, are they?

They don't have the coolest gadgets to come, like the iPhone, or the coolest gadgets to top, like the iPod, or the coolest stock to buy, like Apple.

They don't have Al Gore sitting on their board or legions of hip programmers admiring their every move.

They don't wear blue jeans. Steve does.

They don't act cool. Steve is.

They aren't progressive or hip, irreverent or quirky, a cult phenom — or a cult, period.

Steve is all that.

Which I think makes the fuss over all those options "not" all that. Not interesting. Not noteworthy. Not now.

Options scandals have taken conventional chief executives down. But then again, they were conventional.

Steve is not. He's hip.

And it would appear his critics are joined at that hip.

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