House Judiciary Committee Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner Jr., R-Wis., Tuesday issued the following statement regarding the revelation that the FBI has discovered that 449 guns and 184 laptop computers are stolen or missing:

"Tonight's troubling revelation about the FBI's missing guns and computers including at least one known to have highly-classified information reaffirms the need for a new Justice Department Deputy Inspector General position specifically for the FBI. We need a person within the IG's office solely focused on FBI management oversight. Large FBI foul-ups used to be extraordinary events, yet now they appear to be deteriorating into regular occurrences.

"I believe the Commerce-Justice-State bill being considered by the House this week providing over $5 million more for greater IG oversight at the Justice Department, including the FBI, will help, but clearly greater oversight is needed and some shaking up is in order. This Committee last month passed legislation (H.R. 2215) authorizing $10 million more for the IG; in addition, we will continue our on-going oversight into these problems at the FBI. Attorney General Ashcroft is aggressively taking the right steps to address these problems; I am confident Director-nominee Mueller will soon be joining him in making the reforms needed at the FBI."