State Dept. Denies Rumors of Powell's Dissatisfaction

The State Department was in full spin control mode Wednesday — not over an element of President Bush's foreign policy, but over a story that strongly suggests Secretary of State Colin Powell (search) would not be continuing in the post in a second Bush term.

The story, which is being run in the newest issue of GQ magazine (search), has been kicked around Washington, D.C., for a while, but the fact that the story quotes key aides and friends has raised the specter of his possible departure.

Furthermore, the story makes several assertions that Powell has fatigued of spending much of his time doing "damage control" around the world and having fought with other Bush administration members over whether to scrap the U.N. presentation on Iraq's hiding weapons of mass destruction (search).

On Capitol Hill Wednesday, Powell denied a description of him as mentally and physically tired from the job, but walked away before answering questions about quotes in the story.

The State Department, however, denied that it is constantly fighting with other members of the Bush administration and is frequently ignored.

"You have a secretary of state who is happy in his job -- proud to serve the president, accomplishing a lot along with the president, satisfied with his service. That has been the case and continues to be the case," State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said.

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