State Commissioner Apologizes to Mississippi Town for Rude DMV Workers

The commissioner of the state Department of Public Safety apologized to the town of Olive Branch, Miss., for 10 years of long lines and bad attitudes from the town's driver's license testing station, reports.

Commissioner Stephen B. Simpson offered the apology and promised more workers and more equipment for the station after the county board of supervisors wrote a letter complaining about the continued rude service, the station said.

"When I took my drivers test, the woman that gave it to me, she didn’t even tell me if I got my license. She just said, 'Get out of the car,'" local resident Christina Wilson told "I wanted to cry."

Jordan Wheeler also complained about the service when he went for his learner's permit, the station said. "They were grouchy."

Mayor Sam Rikard, Olive Branch mayor, said residents called City Hall to complain about the rude workers several times a month. "Calls have come in here ever since the driver's license testing center's been there," Rikard told the station.

The Olive Branch driver's license testing station has been open for about 10 years.

Since the letter and apology, the workers at the Olive Branch station have become friendlier, residents told the station.

"I think those were positive steps. I think attention has been drawn to the problem," Rikard said.

Wilson told the changes were a "complete turnaround."

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