A man featured prominently in a homemade DVD dubbed "Stopped Snitching" that warned Baltimore residents not to cooperate with police has been arrested, authorities said.

An informant tipped off authorities that Ronnie Thomas, 30, would be in South Baltimore, where he was arrested Sunday.

Thomas faces charges of assault, robbery and probation violation stemming from two incidents in February. He was being held on $30,000 bail at Central Booking, according to Margaret T. Burns, a spokeswoman with the Baltimore state's attorney's office.

Authorities said they also found evidence that Thomas was working on a sequel to the "Stop Snitching" DVD, which had been distributed on the city's streets.

The video featured drug dealers warning residents they could "get a hole in their head" for cooperating with police. It created an uproar after Carmelo Anthony, the Denver Nuggets basketball star and Baltimore native, appeared briefly in the background. Anthony has said he was not aware of the DVD's message.