Stacy Peterson's Father Testifies Before Grand Jury, Says Daughter Would Never Leave Children

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Stacy Peterson's father testified before a special grand jury Thursday, saying his daughter would never abandon her children, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Anthony Cales, 53, told the newspaper that he gave about 40 minutes of testimony about Stacy's mindset in the days leading up to her Oct. 28 disappearance.

He spoke to his daughter almost every day, he told jurors, but she never discussed her marriage to former Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson or problems they might have been having.

He is certain, however, that Stacy wouldn't just flee without her children.

"She never left her kids," Cales told the Tribune.

He said his daughter phoned him every day and left him a voicemail if she couldn't reach him. He has saved the last message she left him to a CD, he told the paper.

Drew Peterson, 54, is the prime suspect in Stacy's disappearance. Stacy was 23 when she vanished. She is Peterson's fourth wife. The former cop has maintained that she ran off voluntarily with another man and is in hiding.

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