Special Family Reunion

Well, today's show had many different themes.

We, of course, had the holidays with an author pushing all adults to make your own wish list for Santa and watch it magically come true. Sure enough, we witnessed live on TV Hardy write down and receive his No. 1 Christmas gift, a book from Judge Napolitano (search), "Constitutional Chaos."

The other story, the suicide bomber at our Mosul (search) Army base. As you may know, it was a guy who had been cleared by security for four months. Look for all the rules to change now as the American soldier sadly realizes the only one he or she can truly trust is an American soldier.

It was also great to welcome Col. David Hunt (search) back to the morning, and we needed his point of view and his contacts to get the true inside story of the stunning attack. The colonel was kind enough to contribute to my book, "The Games Do Count," and for the first time earned his commission by plugging it in his segment along with the calendar.

The finest moment of the morning took place as we reunited a soldier in Iraq with his wife and child via satellite. When you see scenes like that, you realize how much these men and women at home and in the theater are sacrificing for our future and the future of the Iraqi people.

Personally, I just wanted to thank you for your continued support of the show. After this past week's seven-city tour, I realized how loyal you all are and how much you care about us and the show and yes, even Hardy. Well we appreciate you. And in the case of my book, making it seventh on the New York Times list and six weeks on the best-seller books is just awesome and humbling. Feel free to send them in after the holiday with postage to get signed.

Mike, Juliet and Julian will be in for us Friday and hope you continue to watch, even though, there's a ton of shopping, cooking and decorating to do.

Merry Christmas and happy festivas!!


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