Speak Out on Saudi Arabia: Friend or Foe?

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The Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud reiterated that Saudi Arabia (search) was determined to fight terrorism because it was also a target of groups like Al Qaeda, blamed for the Sept. 11 attacks and for May 12 suicide bombings that killed foreigners and Saudis in the Saudi capital.

"Saudi Arabia has been very active and even if I say so myself, very effective in its fight on terrorism in Saudi Arabia," Prince Saud said during a televised interview Wednesday. "We have questioned thousands and ... we have arrested 500 and we have stopped attacks before they occurred in Saudi Arabia, and we have provided information that stopped attacks before they occurred in the United States also."

Fifteen of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government has asserted it had no involvement in the attacks.

Speak out on Saudi Arabia: Friend or foe?

A sample of your responses:

2 Votes for FOE. I lived in a Muslim country, only a few hours drive from Iraq, for about a year. They have a black or white outlook, Gray is NOT a option for them.
Joe & Michele

I am not wimping out here but, they are both. There is a schism within the hearts and minids of the government and the people. They need us and they hate us at the same time. Unfortunately, it is somewhat the same for us.
Dan B.
Canton, GA

Of course they're NOT our friends, they never were, never will be. They've been jerking us around since the end of WWII, and we've been taking it and turning our backs on the insult because the Big Oil Group wants to make a buck. And since Big Oil makes Foreign Policy, the buck stops in their pockets...
Richard T.
Oklahoma City, OK

How can you believe them when they say that they have arrested or killed terrorists?  Has anybody been able to verify this? C'mon, you scream about transparency when it comes to GWB how about applying it to the Saudis.
Barry R.

Saudi Arabia is our friend but have to work both sides and have traditionally bought off their enemies. This is changing. Remember Irish terrorists got most of their money from American Irish working through innocent charities! We have no business acting like saints.
John B.
Cataula, GA

I believe the ruling family in Saudi Arabia are loyal friends to the U.S. and western Europe. There is however, a charismatic, type of National Socialism that is going on within the Islamic world.  The same type of charismatic movement that was led by Hitler in the late 1920s that told Germans that they are decent people with a honorable and glorious history and that WWI was the fault of the Jews and Socialists. With Islamists the middle class and poor are being told how great and glorious Islam is and the Saudi royal family is needed to fund these ideas through intimidation by threats of a Khomeini/bin Laden type take over in Saudi Arabia.
Fred B.
Fort Mill, SC

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