South Park, Wayne Brady and Don Johnson

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South Park, Wayne Brady and Don Johnson are in the billion-dollar glow of The Foxlight.

How's this for an odd couple: 80-year-old All in the Family creator Norman Lear and the gang from South Park. Lear says he's a fan and wants to work on three episodes of the show with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Among other things, they'll deal with reality TV, immigration and the U.S. situation with Iraq. He says he's been watching South Park for years with his teenage son. Lear is also famous for The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son and Maude.

Wayne Brady got two daytime Emmy nominations? I guess someone is watching that show — even if the daytime in some markets is four in the morning.

Finally, how will the administration deal with a troubled economy? They could enlist Don Johnsonas the new secretarty of the treasury. Who knew German residuals for Nash Bridges paid so well?