Sounds of Brian and the Judge Show

Brian and the Judge Wacky Noise

Here’s an assortment of some of the best drops, sound effects and wild tracks you hear on Brian and the Judge. Download them. Play ‘em. E-mail them to friends and family. Use them as ring tones. Have fun!

Joey Salvia's parody "Alec's Little Girl"

Nawlins’ Mayor Ray Nagin - He doesn’t “friggin’” know

Former Sen. George Allen - Says the “M” word

Barbara Walters - Imitates her “talking dog”

Sen. Joe Biden - Foot in mouth disease

Caller Worships Brian - Brian’s always right

President Bush - Chaotic thoughts

President Bush - Coffee’s on him

President Bush - Heading to finish line

President Bush - Using a big word

President Bush - Goes for a touchdown

Former President Bill Clinton - Smirks and such

Former Gov. Howard Dean - The infamous Dean Scream

Former VP Al Gore - Taking earth’s temperature

Sen. Lindsay Graham - What’s he think of Hezbollah?

Sen. Hillary Clinton - She does not agree

Donald Trump - Fires board op Joey

Judge Napolitano - Does his Ricky Ricardo impersonation

Sen. John Kerry - Oops

Judge Napolitano Fan - Can you say “Dadgumit” on the radio?

Brian and the Judge Caller - R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Senator Hillary Clinton - Opponents, beware

Dallas Cowboys star Terrell Owens - “Ahhh, hell”

President Bush Tongue Terror - Why can’t they be named Smith or Jones?

Senator Robert Byrd - How do you spell hogwash?

A shout out to Brian and the Judge - Caller "Iggy"

Geno’s (Philly) owner Joe Vento - Speak English!

Donald Trump - Calls Rosie an animal.

Simon Cowell - Oh, God!

Senator Hillary Clinton - Puttin’ on a Southern drawl

Fox’s Chris Wallace - I’ve Got A Helluva Story Here