Sometimes, a Movie Is Just a Movie

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A little earlier in the program we did a segment on the Russians being on the payroll of Saddam Hussein (search). Saddam was paying Russia in scores of shipments of tons and tons of oil in exchange for the Russian's good offices in trying to keep George W. Bush off Saddam's back.

As you all know, the Russians got their oil and Saddam had to be satisfied with the Russians just publicly saying that they opposed the war. Putin didn't actually do much else.

Just to keep things in perspective, the French also made this deal. But memos show they promised to use their veto in the U.N. Security Council (search). And you will recall that France promised publicly to do just that — veto any American war on Iraq resolution.

So, in the end, the Russians didn't promise to use their veto but the French did. That makes the French worse.

But it doesn't get the Russians off the hook. They were on the take for Saddam also.

Now, let's just think back: The world opposed Bush's Iraq invasion because it didn't have an approval by the U.N. And the approval couldn't be had because Saddam paid money to people who could give the approval to make sure they wouldn't.

Shouldn't this settle the question once and for all?

You might think.

Unless you go to the movies or if you get political lectures in theaters and you're a "Star Wars" (search) fan, you're going to hear that the guys who want war are just trying to pervert democracy and morph it into dictatorship. That's how Darth was born.

You notice the real life bribery scheme of the true bad guy Saddam, and the corruption of certain people and countries who opposed the war — people who were on the take. That real life story line didn't make it into the "Star Wars" saga. Messy details ruined the storyboards.

Here's a hint: If you've got popcorn and Milk Duds in your hand, chances are the wild tale on the screen is not real life, not the real world, not real history.

It's not. It's just a movie.

Enjoy the Milk Duds.

That's My Word.

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