Something to Think About

It's my first time writing the blog. My theory is that we give you information and it's your job to look for knowledge. A couple of things I think aren't getting enough attention.

We told you about the accusations that fundamentalists infiltrated the Saudi security forces and aided in the abduction of American Paul Johnson, Jr. (search) While everyone agrees the Saudis are doing more to shut down funding of terrorist organizations, it may be too little too late. It will be difficult to fight against the fundamentalist education system and the terrorists it created.

Some suggest the Saud family will fall. If it does, we must look at our action in Iraq from a new perspective. It certainly offers the opportunity to replace the military base that would be lost in Saudi Arabia. We would have a base of operations much closer to likely future problems. It also decreases dependence on an increasingly unhelpful Germany, where our Ramstein (search) base is located. Could the dividends of Iraq be MUCH more far reaching than we ever imagined?

Also, I think everyone must take the time to become more familiar with what is occurring with the European Union constitution. Could the British seat on the U.N. Security Council (search) be given to the E.U.? Can an E.U. foreign minister's decisions supercede foreign policy choices made in the individual countries? If the U.K. were to side with the U.S. in taking military action somewhere, could the E.U. stop them? Many questions. The answers are important to our future.

On an inside note Brian's socks matched... each other and his suit. Baby steps.

E.D. Hill

Friday, June 18

Ok, I hope you liked Friday’s show. You want the inside story in this blog -- the behind the scenes story -- so here we go: I am sorry.

Those were my words after I inadvertently nailed a 71-year-old Philippine women in the head. OK, the balls are light as a feather and I don't have a Nolan Ryan fastball, but the ladies hat went flying and eye witness accounts have her nearly out on her feet.

Only “Fox & Friends” would do a major Dodgeball game and not get a single star on to plug it. That's what makes us different! And get this, it’s a Fox movie! At least send us your “Best Boy,” or “not so Key Grip.” Right at 9 a.m., Regis and Kelly had Ben Stiller (search). Thanks. Hey, it’s not a producer problem… some in the movie division aren’t showing respect for the No. 1 news channel in America!

As for the show, producer Paulina Krycinski and director John Basuino pulled off a fast one. Through the magic of TV, I actually had a chance to interview myself about the “Steroid Special” which I host. You can see it Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. It was fun, but I found my questions predictable and at times trite. Also realize I need haircut -- will try and get in right after this blog, if Doocy isn't blow-drying the blond coloring out for the weekend.

Here's the news on the show: 9/11 Commissioner John Lehman made it clear the New York Times was flat out wrong saying there were no definite connections between Saddam and Usama bin Laden..

Richard Miniter was also great Friday. Think about him, spending al his time for the last five years studying terror interviewing all the main players and some commission announces no UBL and Saddam connection after a few months of research? If you don't believe Richard, Lehman, Dick Cheney, or the president, consider reading Stephen Hayes book called “The Connection.”

As for the bottom of the hour fun stuff, what’s with Britney Spears? Come on! She knows this guy two months; he has a kid and another one on the way with this Moesha co-star and now she's marrying him. Even Darva Conger wouldn't be this impulsive. And, how about her record label saying they fear she's going to balloon up in her knee brace? Thanks. Nice support. Boy, I wish I could be apart of that recording industry.

Speaking of recording industry, that's what single Marine Idol Josh Gracin is doing. The guy came in fourth in “America Idol 2” and has 10 days off for a CD sale tour one year later. I am hardly a country music guy, but I am buying it. OK, he gave me one, but I would have bought it had he not foolishly handed it to me in the green room.

Please let us know what else you want to read in the blog. We have so many little insider stories that I could relay and other staffers could write, but only if it pleases the best viewers in the world! We appreciate your loyalty everyday and never take you for granted. So let us know what your likes and dislikes are -- aside form more sports, and less weather.

Brian Kilmeade

P.S. It’s always great to see Col. Oliver North. You just get the feeling he could get Paul Johnson back. E.D. is back on Monday, but what a great job Kiran and Juliet did all week!

Thursday, June 17

Dear “Fox & Friends” Fans,

Thank you, Howard Dean (search). He made this whole BLOG thing popular with America... and so just as all television steals what works, we we're stealing the blog business.

OK, I know Greta has a blog and now Steve Harrigan has one as well, we're catching up... they may have been first on Fox News with blogs... but we were first with SOAP ON A ROPE.

I have a favor to ask... let us know what you want to read on this thing. Do you want behind the scenes stuff, or things that just don't get reported.

This is your chance to interact with all of us on “Fox & Friends,” since we'll rotate the scribbling duties. Drop an e-mail to:

Thanks again for making us the No. 1 morning news show in the world. Now lets make this the most read blog log on the Web!

Blue skies,

Steve Doocy
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