Some Support for U.S. to Be Found in Europe

For all the hollering I've done about our so-called friends overseas, and I've done plenty... I must say there is a stalwart voice of support for America, which I should aknowledge.

Gerard Baker (search), writing in London's Financial Times, says that the war in Iraq — far from being the doom and gloom scenario painted by Democrats and other Euros — is going to turn out to be a heroic moment.

Here's a few of Baker's words...

"As hideous as the events at Abu Ghraib (search) and elsehwere were, as dispiriting as it is to see anti-American frenzy rising, I have a growing sense that history will judge the Iraq war not as a hubristic defeat that ushered in a dark age in global security, but as a great moment in history when a tide turned decisively towards freedom."

Sounds good to me. Here's more from Mr. Baker of the Financial Times:

"The fall of Saddam Hussein and the re-engagement of the U.S. and Britain in this benighted region has unleased a whirlwind in the Middle East — not the one with which readers of most newspapers will be familiar, the spiral of fundamentalism and terrorism, but one of change, reform and hope that is sweeping the region and steadily gaining strength."

Baker says, "Buck up America. Don't go wobbly on us. You're doing the right thing. You're doing it well, so don't let a few bumps in the road give you doubts."

It's good for the Brits who see things properly. Good for Baker of the Financial Times. It's about time some of those guys got it right.

That's My Word.

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