Some really big star's kids, a big bad wolf and other fractured fairy tales in the full moon glow of The Foxlight.

Isn't this an old Hollywood joke....?

"Hey we got Hanks!"


"Uh, no, Colin."

"But it's being directed by Kasdan."


"No, Jake."

Welcome to Orange County starring Tom Hanks' son and Sissy Spacek's daughter and being directed by Lawrence Kasdan's son. Now if the whole thing was just related to something funny.  This is a not-so-hilarious comedy according to most critics, and yet another wasted opportunity for the one cast member who isn't related to anyone famous Jack Black. In the film, he looks like he's channeling John Belushi. In a better movie, that would be a good thing.

Next, they're touting this as a French Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It's got some of the "kung foolery." But Brotherhood of The Wolf  devolves into a Mortal Kombat wannabe late in the second act. That's because the howling all happens off screen for most of the movie, then shows us the goofy monster. Most reviews are dubbing this more of a slouching drag.

That pretty much leaves the weekend top box office spot wide open for this to Ring true again. Frodo's baggin' another No. 1 weekend. This Ring may indeed to go on to rule the world.