Some Hannah Montana Products Contain High Levels of Lead

Miley Cyrus is known for her squeaky-clean Disney alter ego, Hannah Montana.

But are the toys bearing her likeness just as clean?

Maybe not, according to The Center for Environmental Health, which said some Montana vinyl products that were manufactured in China contain high amounts of lead, CBS News reports.

Charles Margulis of the independent California lab conducted a study in which he purchased and tested 28 Hannah Montana products and found nine to contain high levels of lead, he told CBS.

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The paint and vinyl of five products had levels higher than federal standards permit, according to the center.

The other four products exceeded the level set for toys by The American Academy of Pediatrics.

A "Girls Rock" backpack from and a "Secret Star" wallet from Toys ‘R Us had 1,800 parts per million to 8,300 parts per million, according to the lab. The amount is at least triple the federal standard of safety for lead in paint.

Disney officials denied their products have high concentrations of lead.

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