'So You Think You Can Dance' Judges Discuss Elimination Decisions

On last night’s episode of “So You Think You Can Dance,” contestants Caitlin Kinney and Phillip Chbeeb were told it was time to hang up their dancing shoes.

The decision was one that the judges didn’t arrive at easily, but it was a unanimous choice.

Judges Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgoe and Tyce Diorio shared their thoughts behind the decision with FOX News.

Here's what they had to say:

Mary Murphy: “God that’s a good question isn’t it. It was really close. I can just say that when we stood there and looked at all three of the girls at least for me that I saw three very strong, powerful female dancers. You know what Caitlin has fought back with, hip surgery, to come this far is really nothing short of a miracle. You know I think the other two girls just edged her out like I said tonight the Bollywood number was their strongest number. It’s very difficult when you come out and that very first week and you just explode on to that dance stage and then where do you go from there and so was there anything that they did bad or horrible absolutely not but it didn’t have the same zest as that very first week and so I think they really had to fight after that you know. It’s, it, it is a struggle when you do something so fabulous you know what I mean. You’re just like oh my God how’s the next one going to be. You know but they, you know they’re going to be on tour.”

Nigel Lythgoe: “Just that we thought that let me start with Phillip. Phillip is absolutely unique at what he does but we haven’t really been enthusiastic about anything he’s done in any other genre of dance. Thought his jive last night was, was probably the best he’s done but the other two boys we thought were even stronger and that’s what we always go for, for the positive side of it. Caitlin again it was the two people she was up against tonight you know. They were outstanding in their solos and, and Caitlin just paled a little bit in comparison.”

Tyce Diorio: “Caitlin and Phillip well I think looking at the whole pack of them you have to in my position just look and see who is going to have, who has the potential for incredible growth versus just who’s really good. I mean Phillip’s got a great solo but I just in my opinion I don’t know that there would have been that much growth in the styles to come where I think some of the other dancers were you can really see and it’s evident that they will, they have so much potential for vast growth. Caitlin great they’re beautiful dancer, beautiful. All the elements are in place but I think she’s plays it safe. I don’t know that she has all of the, the tools in her bag to really take it to another level and at this point it’s competition and they have to take it to another level. Both great dancers you know both of them. Someone’s got to go home yeah.”