Nineteen-year-old Elizabeth Wilkes' parents didn't want her working at a gas station because they thought it would be too dangerous.

So the Plainfield, Ind., woman took a job as a cashier at the local Payless shoe store (search) — only to be held up at gunpoint within a few days.

"Who knew a shoe store could get robbed?" Wilkes told the Hendricks County (Indiana) Flyer. "But I guess selling shoes can be a bit dangerous."

Wilkes was so shook up by the incident, management temporarily transferred her to an Indianapolis branch, where she went to work behind the cash register the next day.

Within hours, a familiar figure walked in: the same man who had cleaned out her cash drawer the day before.

"It was a coincidence that I was there," Wilkes said. "The guy came in and he was wearing the exact same clothes — tan hat, sunglasses, and a jacket — and I looked at him and I was shocked that he was going to rob me again."

The man didn't seem to remember her, so she took her time ringing up other customers' purchases while the gunman waited. Meanwhile, she subtly tipped off a co-worker to call 911.

Police showed up and arrested Larry K. Gibson, 44, who turned out to have a criminal record dating back to 1976.

Before the cops took Gibson away, Wilkes said she wanted him to get one thing straight.

"I said, 'Don't you remember me?'" she told the newspaper. "You robbed me yesterday."

— Thanks to Out There reader James W.

Woman Would Rather Not Have $10 Million

A Canadian woman who won the lottery was so overwhelmed by strangers asking her for money she had a heart attack.

"I wish I could give it all back," Ferne Hawley, 43, told the Canadian Press wire service from her home in New Waterford, Nova Scotia.

Hawley won $10 million (about $7,350,000 U.S.) in the national Lotto 6/49 (search) drawing last month. Since then, the letters, phone calls and knocks on the door haven't stopped.

It got so bad, Hawley and her family fled to London, Ontario, over a thousand miles away, where she had her heart attack.

"I'm feeling much better now," Hawley said Tuesday. "Now I just tear up the letters, and if anyone calls, I tell them they need to talk to my husband."

Sure Didn't Look Like Much at First

Lou Schorr, of Waltham, Mass., thought he'd found a really big, ugly ring on the sink Saturday evening in a bathroom at a Providence, R.I., shopping mall.

His friends weren't too impressed by it either, Schorr told the Boston Herald-American.

But when he showed it to a couple of kids wearing New England Patriots jerseys at a restaurant the next morning, they were amazed and told Schorr, 53, just what he'd found — a brand-new Super Bowl ring (search).

"I knew I had to return it to its owner," he told the newspaper.

The ring turned out to belong to Patriots linebacker Tully Banta-Cain, who'd taken it off while washing his hands at the same sink Saturday evening.

He'd only forgotten about it for 15 minutes, but by the time he got back to the men's room, the ring — worth about $20,000 with 104 diamonds, and only mailed out two weeks ago — was gone.

Schorr called the Patriots Monday morning, and Tully-Cain picked it up in person, with a promise of a seat at the Patriots' season opener this fall.

Once He Gets in the Book, It's Shower Time

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — A Vietnamese man who hasn't been to a barber in 31 years is vying to get in the Guinness World Records for having the longest hair, state-controlled media reported Monday.

Tran Van Hay's hair is 20 feet long, Thanh Nien newspaper said.

Normally tied up and covered by a scarf, his hair has grown four feet in the past seven years. He last had it washed six years ago, the paper said.

Hay, 67, is a traditional medicine practitioner from southern Kien Giang province, some 220 miles southwest of Ho Chi Minh City. He provides free treatment to villagers in the region.

The Guinness Web site says the current record for long hair, set in 1997, is held by Hoo Sateow of Chiang Mai, Thailand, at 16 feet 11 inches.

— Thanks to Out There reader Don W.

Bad Guys Take Advantage of Naked Man

RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) — Police say a Rapid City man was robbed early Monday after he answered the door in the nude.

The man told police he had been sleeping unclothed before he answered a knock at the door. Assailants overpowered him, hit him on the head and ran out with his wallet and blue jeans.

The man chased after the assailants and fell down the stairs.

According to the police log, an officer checked out a report of a naked man lying by the stairs at a motel and found a trail of blood leading to the man's room.

Police Lt. David Walton said the man was taken by ambulance to Rapid City Regional Hospital where he was given stitches for a head wound and released.

Police found a pair of blue jeans in a parking lot. The report said an undisclosed number of suspects had taken the wallet.

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