So-Called Allies Criticize 'Limited' Iraqi Sovereignty

The Iraqis have their country back, but if you read about it in Europe or the Arab world — you'd probably never guess.

In those places, it's described as a limited sovereignty... as if the Americans are still the hand in the sock puppet.

Among the Arabs, the talk is all about the American troops who are still in the country. Do you hear them talking about the foreign fighters who have infiltrated Iraq and are blowing up car bombs and killing dozens and dozens of Iraqis nearly every day?

No... it's almost as if that's OK and what's really wrong in Iraq are the Americans trying to keep the violence down and let peaceful Iraqis lead law-abiding, normal lives.
The fact is, our European friends have finally — after being pushed and prodded for months — allowed NATO (search) to help out in Iraq by training Iraqi security forces.

There still is not an offer from NATO to do some of the real work that needs to be done to help Iraqis, and the reason is they don't want to do anything to help the U.S. or George W. Bush.

Instead, they are staying on the sidelines hoping to see Bush fired by the American people. In fact, you could say they are holding off giving help to Iraq so as not to give the president any help.

So the Iraqi people are suffering because of European pique over Bush.

We should be able to say, "Get over it" in several European languages, but there's no point even pretending they are our friends anymore.

They can't claim that they are friends of Iraqis either, who desperately need their help and aren't getting it.

That's My Word.

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