What's unspooling at your local googleplex this weekend?

Actors can strike all they want if this is the future. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is supposedly the state-of-the-art when it comes to computer animation. Like Lara Croft this one started out as a video game too. And hey, even without trailers and fancy caterers this thing still cost $115 million bucks to make.

Next, Reese Witherspoon is Legally Blonde. When her Harvard-bound boyfriend dumps her, she heads there for law school too. Hey isn't there a National Blonde Day on July 9th? Coincidence? Who's to say.

And finally, Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Marlon Brando are planning a heist. This is The Score and it may be the first intelligent movie of the summer - nothing artificial about it according to the early buzz.