Skydivers Compete Without the Sky

Some of the world's top skydivers jump without the sky. Instead of leaping out of a plane, a wind tunnel does the trick.

Competitors at the world indoor skydiving championships stepped into a massive wind tunnel where winds can reach up to 200 mph to stimulate falling from a plane.

Young indoor skydivers Kayla Tinucci, 12, and brother Justin, 9, use the wind tunnel as an alternative to the "real thing," Jennifer Tinucci, the boys' mother, told the Telegraph.

The contest, held in a former missile research lab, awards points based on how many set moves teams can make in one minute. Skydivers perform artistic moves in the second round of the competition.

Kate Stephens, 33, member of an all-female team called Bodyflight Storm, said the indoor experience seems like free falling from a plane.

"One bad move because you have a foot or a hand in the wrong place, and your whole routine can be ruined," Stephens told the Telegraph.

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