There's one beverage and one beer synonymous with Saint Patrick's Day: Guinness.

Now, its world-famous brew master, Fergal Murray, fills us in on some of the beer key secrets:

Six Steps to Pour the Perfect Pint:

1) The Glass: Should use a 20-ounce tulip pint glass which allows the nitrogen bubbles to flow down the side of the glass.

2) The Angle: Beer should be poured at a 45 degree angle; the faucet should never touch the beer or the glass.

3) The Pour: Let the beer flow nice and fill it up 3 quarters of the way.

4) The Head: Let it settle calmly and let it form the nice foamy head at the top.

5) The Top Off: Once it settles fill up the glass and top it off. It should create the dome effect and the perfect pint.

6) The First Sip: Drink with your eyes first and then drink responsibly.

How Do You Make a Black and Tan?

Simple: Pour half pint of Smithwick’s Irish Ale and top it off with Guinness Draught.