Sinus Problem Blamed for Texas Teen's Vision Loss

A chronic sinus problem is being blamed for temporarily costing a Texas teen his vision in one eye, is reporting.

Ray Sanders, 17, of Houston, had suffered from allergy problems for about a year. A month ago, those symptoms escalated during a trip to the barber where Sanders told his mother that he could no longer see out of his left eye.

Sanders was diagnosed with allergic fungal sinusitis, a sinus condition that can have rare negative side effects, according to the report.

Dr. Martin Citardi, who treated Sanders at Memorial Hermann-TMC in Houston, told KTKR in Houston that he has seen only a handful of cases like this one, the Web site reported.

Allergic fungal sinusitis can cause permanent damage if left untreated. Sanders underwent surgery within a week of experiencing vision loss to remove the infection, which had wrapped itself around the optic nerve of Sanders' left eye, reported.

The surgery was successful and the vision in Sanders' left eye is even better than it was before the infection, according to the report.

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