Singer Beyonce Knowles Under Fire for Racy Children's Clothing Line

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GREGG JARRETT, GUEST CO-HOST: A lot of little girls look up to singer Beyonce Knowles and now Beyonce wants some of those girls to look like her too but should little girls really look "bootylicious." The storm of controversy has just broken out by some new ads put out by...

MEGYN KELLY, CO-HOST: Did you just say "bootylicious"?

JARRETT: I said bootylicious, I can say that — put out Beyonce's house of Derion. Get it, "derriere," "Derion" clothing line that she runs with her mom, Tina. Oh, that's nice. The ads feature 7-year-old girls draped in bling, leather, lipstick, stilettos, heels, 7-years-old. My next guest calls these ads child exploitation. She is outraged. Michelle Malkin, FOX contributor and syndicated columnist joins us. Hey, I'm with you on this. Good for you. I have two girls at home. And you know, it's frightening what they see and what they imitate. You call this "pedophilia chic," right?

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MICHELLE MALKIN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I do. And it's not a new term. A lot of parents have been noticing for many, many years now that there has been increasing "pornification" of advertising, clothing lines, and what makes this example particularly odious, Gregg, is that you have someone who has, as you said, pointed out, has postured as a role model for young women, and the fact that her mother is involved in it as well.

I have to tell you, this is a politics show, and this is one area where, you know, we have totally transcended bipartisanship. I have heard from liberal parents, independents...

JARRETT: Everybody.

MALKIN: ...conservatives, they're getting sick of it.

JARRETT: Here's what you wrote, I mean, the ads, you call the ads sick. And here's what you wrote "young models who look no older than my second grade daughter there seductively posed and tarted up. Jon Benet Ramsey— style with bright lipstick, blush and face powder." I mean, naturally, there are a great many people who are outraged by this. What about the fashion and celebrity Web sites?

MALKIN: Well that what's interesting. The groundswell of outrage didn't initially come from conservative sites. The House of Derion is not exactly something I pay attention to every day, but it was fashion bloggers, celebrity bloggers, people that you don't normally consider, you know, right wing social conservatives, you know, fire breathing dragons on that side of the aisle, and they saw it and many of them, the consensus was immediately that this is little girls gone wild and they have totally crossed the line here. They're calling on Beyonce and her mother to account for this and also Macy's department stores who sells this line in its stores.

JARRETT: Yes, I'm amazed. Where were the mothers of these little girls who are posing seductively like they're in Victoria Secret's ads? I mean it's hideous.

MALKIN: It's kind of stomach turning to think that there were mothers or fathers, parents, guardians watching over as these girls were dressed up this way. Look at the pictures. This isn't just some sort of innocent play at dress up. This isn't like Halloween or what you would do normally. There is something abnormal about this. And it really is time for parents to wrap — you know, to rise up against this.

JARRETT: Really, it's just stunning. I can't believe Macy's would carry this line. Michelle Malkin, interesting column. As always, thanks very much, Michelle.

KELLY: I have to say, my mother couldn't even get me to wear a dress when I was a child. I like cowboy outfits and mud pie.

JARRETT: Good for you.

KELLY: Things have changed now. They make me wear this stuff now. Anyway...

JARRETT: I actually got my hand-me-downs from my sister. I wore puff sleeves in all the early pictures.

KELLY: I figured that out.

JARRETT: Puff sleeves.

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