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Dave Thomas is back, even though, well, he's dead.

The man who founded Wendy's, is now back in ads for Wendy's. A lot of folks seem to think it's tacky. I don't. Who better to get the message across, than the man who found the message?

Let's be real here. Dave knew how to sell burgers because he really loved those burgers. He made no secret of the fact he feasted on those burgers.

To me, he was Wendy's. And to me, he is Wendy's.

The family is permitting it. And the company is hardly being disrespectful about it, or about him.

Old Dave will be featured prominently as the master, whose students are now extending the brand and his message of quality.

He is to burgers, what Yoda is to the Star Wars franchise. A staple. A sure thing. A guaranteed audience-pleaser.

Dave was that in life. And now, he is that, and more in death.

Let me lay my cards out on the table for all to see.

I liked Dave a lot when he was alive. He was one of my favorite CEOs ever. A man who cared deeply about his workers, his customers and his many, many charitable causes, including adoption — his most cherished campaign.

Companies could do worse than trumpet that. They'd be crazy to forget that.

Does it look tacky to see a dead guy doing ads? A lot less than a live snake doing the same.

There are plenty of grifters alive trying to be Dave. I think it's a good thing to remind them, even in death, they are not.

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