Simon Cowell, Woody Allen, P. Diddy and Chicago

Simon Cowell, Woody Allen, P. Diddy and Chicago in The Foxlight.

Simon Cowell isn't getting any nicer for the next season of American Idol. When Paula Abdul said the other day that she thought Cowell was rubbing off on her, he said, "You're becoming intelligent?" Ouch. Round two is on the way.

Woody Allen is getting a lot more honest in his old age. He admits that if he weren't famous, no one would come to hear him play the clarinet. He calls his talent there "less than mediocre." Hey Woody, if you're being really honest, couldn't the same be said for your last half dozen movies?

How's this for not recycling? Sean "P. Diddy" Combs wears a fresh pair of his own designed Phat Farm white sneakers every morning, tossing aside yesterday's pair like, well, an old pair of shoes.

Finally, despite how hot Catherine Zeta-Jones is no two people who've seen the film version of Chicago can agree on whether her film's a hit or a Thanksgiving style turkey. All I know is the trailer looks great.