Sienna Miller Escapes to Caribbean After Married Lover Reunites With Kids

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Actress Sienna Miller reportedly fled to the Virgin Islands as her former lover reunited with his family, The U.K.'s Daily Mail reported.

According to The Mail, Miller, 26, was devastated after Balthazar Getty, a married oil heir, met up with his wife Rosetta for a one-on-one talk about their relationship this weekend.

Miller, whose love-life often overshadows her career, was linked to Getty after topless photos of her frolicking on Italian beach with him surfaced last month.

According to The Mail, the actress fled to the Caribbean to stay with her father Ed, a retired banker from the U.S.. At the same time, Getty was spotted with his two children at a pizza parlor in Los Angeles.

The Mail quoted Getty as saying, "I can't comment. When I'm ready, I'll issue a statement. It's because of the children."

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