Side With the Bleeding Hearts at Your Own Peril

It's been more than a year now that the domestic war on terror has been in high gear. In some places, John Ashcroft has been taking a drubbing about his tactics.

He got hammered for holding 1,200 Middle Eastern men in detention while being questioned. His boss, President Bush, got hammered for holding the Taliban and members of Al Qaeda for questioning at Gitmo. 

They both got hammered for threatening John Walker Lindh with a military tribunal and maybe summary execution before giving him a civil court trial and getting a guilty plea and lots of cooperation, we should also add.

Overseas, the president got hammered for snatching Abu Zubaydah and Ramzi al-Shibh and holding them incommunicado for questioning.

But the Lackawanna Six came out of all that cooperation, and now the Portland Four. What all this should tell us is two things:

First, these tactics work and they have saved Americans from attacks by people who have sworn enmity to the U.S. and planned war against us. The Lackawanna Six are arguing they never would have done such a thing, but they did not come forward and offer information about their time in an Al Qaeda camp, and they should have. And the Portland Four helped Al Qaeda and the Taliban after Sept. 11. They were actually emboldened by the terror attacks on the U.S.

Second, we should understand now that there are people among us like these, and we cannot let our guard down now. They still hate us, they still want to attack us, and they are still out there. You side with the bleeding hearts at your own peril.

That's My Word.

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