Show Returning Troops You Care

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Next time you walk into a restaurant or an adult beverage establishment and you see one of these young Americans who have just returned from Iraq, pick up the check.

Do something nice for these young men and women who are doing a very tough job and putting themselves in harm's way every time they go out to do their job.

What is their job? It is to finish what we started. In a way, the easy part was invading Iraq. The hard part is to finally root out the Baathists (search), and the remnants of the Saddam Hussein regime who are trying to win the war they already lost by picking off our troops one by one, a few at a time each week.

The job we're doing there is important, because it's now abundantly clear that most Iraqis — the vast majority — are happy to have Saddam gone, and are most likely intent on building an Iraq the world can live with — non threatening, secure, prosperous... and a friend to the United States.

When you stop and think about it, it's amazing our young troops are not lashing out at anyone and everyone for the murderous sniper attacks they are now enduring.

Our American troops are out there exposed, riding around in exposed Humvees, standing on corners open to anyone with a rifle or a pistol, courageously doing a job none of us would want to have to do.

Like I say... when you see one or two or three of these young soldiers back from Iraq, tell the waiter you'll get their check.

I'm going to do it. It isn't much, but it is a gesture of appreciation that might mean a little something to our people.

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