Shovel, Pepper Spray Used in Dispute Over Shoveling Shared Driveway

Things got heated between two Dayton neighbors who share a common driveway this week when one woman used pepper spray on the other after she said she felt threatened with a snow shovel, according to local police.

Police were called around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday to 1314 Amherst Place after the pepper spray was used, said Dayton Police Lt. John Bardun, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Police said one of the women was shoveling snow on the common driveway when her neighbor came outside and apparently began disputing the shoveling and the shared property line.

At one point, police say, one of the women threatened the other with her snow shovel, and the woman being menaced then pulled out a pepper spray can and hit the button.

Officers separated the two women and wrote up a complaint for each, telling them to report to the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office, which is investigating the incident. There were no serious injuries, Bardun said, according to the Daily News. One of the women is 38-years-old and the other 45, Bardun said, and the two have had run-ins with each other several times.