Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

Dear Viewers,

If you read my book, My Turn at the Bully Pulpit, you know that I had a confusing "falling out" with Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne (search).

The "falling out" occurred more than a year ago. Frankly, I have always thought it was just a huge miscommunication and felt bad that I could not fix the problem. I really like Sharon and Ozzy. I have tried to reach them to work it out, but hit a wall with the PR person who represents them. I always wondered whether they even got my message that I wanted to repair the misunderstanding.

Well, finally there is good news. Thursday I received flowers from Sharon and Ozzy with a very nice card. I was very happy to get the flowers and the card and hope to see them soon.

On another note and behind the scenes of our show, there is much discussion whether I should go to Modesto and sit in the courtroom for the Scott Peterson preliminary hearing. In many ways it makes sense for Fox to send me since I have actually done preliminary hearings myself (in my "prior life," I was a practicing lawyer.) In fact, I have done dozens and dozens of preliminary hearings and tried many murder cases. Hence I may be the best person to explain to the viewers what transpires in the courtroom and why.

The preliminary hearing is set to begin on Tuesday. It was postponed from last week because Peterson's lawyer, Mark Geragos, is in another murder trial in another city and he can't be in two courtrooms at the same time. Geragos is just finishing the closing argument in the current murder case and is expected to be free on Tuesday to do Peterson's hearing.

My question to you: Should I go? It means traveling across country to California -- my third trip in three weeks -- and perhaps a red eye back (no sleep... but I am getting good at "no sleep!").

E-mail your "vote" to and I will relay my private polling to my seniors here at Fox!


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